Hello Again

I've been out of contact as I was finishing up my graduate school work, packing to move cross-country, moving cross-country, and trying to settle back in in Seattle. Also three days after I arrived in Seattle I started teaching summer session at North Seattle Community College, which has been great and my students are super awesome. I may have missed teaching those Seattleites – a city of over-achievers.

I've uploaded photos of our cross-country drive to my flickr, so check em out.

Here is the route that we took:

Today I came across Design Bird blog, a Swedish designer blogging about, you guessed it, design. But, I was super excited when I came across this post about her love of things copper. It was so nice to see a designer appreciate the often undervalued metal (well outside of rain gutters and plumbing). I especially liked this sexy copper bicycle (from Olsthoorn Bicycles) that she has in her post. 


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