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Life in Miniature

My life in the studio has take a miniature turn ever since we got our new Orion Welder (thanks Arthur). 
Orion Pulse Arc Welder
The Orion Welder is a pulse arc welder, which is basically a tiny tig welder that works in pulses. So, to weld a long seam, you have to do a series of spot welds. It is amazing for tack welding something together that you will then solder. Here is an example of some steel sheet that I welded together using this. The weld spots measure 1mm in diameter. 

Also, yesterday I made this itty bitty carabiner. I'm thinking about using them as clasps for some necklaces that I've been working on. 

Maybe one day I can get a job as a set fabricator for Laika, then I can work in miniature all the time.