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How To Be Alone

A lovely little video and poem about becoming comfortable with being alone. Poet by poet/singer/songwriter, Tanya Davis and film by filmmaker, Andrea Dorfman.

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VAIN Loves VERA 2011 Calendar

When I worked at VAIN salon in Seattle, we would periodically have classes in session styling by Felicity (head stylist for Kevin Murphy). The result of these classes would be some amazing pictures. A peak at some photos from previous classes can be found on the VAIN blog.

Most recently, I teamed up with co-worker, Scott Tomlinson, for a photo shoot project. Each group was to pick a music genre that we would re-create. Scott and I picked Psychedelic Rock. My client and clothing designer, Malia, was my fantastic model.

The end result is a 2011 calendar with each month representing a different genre. All the proceeds from the sales of the calendar will go to the Vera Project, which is an all-ages music and arts venue. "Vera strives to fulfill its mission to foster a participatory creative culture through popular music concerts, arts programs, experiential learning and volunteer opportunities for all ages, especially young people."

The calendar has hip hop, punk rock, glitter rock, classical, hair metal and more, so be sure to order one and help support this amazing organization.  If you are in Seattle you can pick one up at: VAIN, The Vera Project, Sonic Boom Records, Easy Street Records, Pretty Parlor, and Georgetown eatery Smarty Pants, or you can order it online at the Vera website.
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Colors Arranged Neatly

This semester I am taking Thomas Sarrantonio's Color: History and Practice graduate topics class where we explore how color has been perceived and functioned in art and culture throughout history, and how we use color in our current making process. It has been a fun and interesting class. Since it is an elective for all the MFA's, everyone that chose to take the class was already a chromophile. "That color looks so good I could eat it," is a common statement to hear in this class.

Last week I was in my studio thinking about the color class,  Anthony Cragg's color sculptures, and the Things Organized Neatly blog. I started to look around my space at what colors I look at everyday, and I shot these photos of some items from my studio - organized neatly.

To see more from this series or other photos that I've taken for my color class, check out my flikr set

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Book Repair Videos

Another one of my interests is doing book repair. I started doing book repair at VCU Libraries in undergrad, first as a work-study student, then full-time at the book repair coordinator. This semester I have gotten back into book repair, working at the Sojourner Truth Library at New Paltz.

I've also started making videos on book repair to help librarians that haven't been formally trained in book repair. Here is my latest one on replacing torn endsheets.

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Exhibition – Lab Craft

A current touring exhibit in England called Lab Craft: Digital Adventures in Contemporary Craft shows some examples of what can happen when UK crafters utilize digital technology. I would love to see an exhibition of this kind happen in the US.

In the gallery guide the curator Max Fraser says that he looked for work that was in the realm of the traditional craft fields and had a tangible outcome. I appreciate the fact that he did not consider work that exists only as a computer drawing or animation.

He states, "In my search, it has become clear that the best work is produced when a craft practitioner marries their existing skills, aesthetic sensibilities and knowledge of materials with the possibilities of the digital tools available to them today. It is those who have challenged their own thinking as much as the capabilities of the machinery who have been included in Lab Craft."

These saw horses were made by Nina Tolstrup who 3D scanned branches, manipulated them in CAD, then 3D printed them, and finally cast them in steel.

Oak table by Gareth Neal done with a CNC machine.

Wood grain textile by Tord Boontje.

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Changing Education Paradigms

An interesting video on education. Bonus, it's an animation, so fun to watch too.

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New Paltz Studio

It is almost the end of my first semester of grad school in the Metal program at New Paltz. Here are some pictures that I shot of my studio space at the beginning of the semester, before it got too messy from me working in it.