Colors Arranged Neatly

This semester I am taking Thomas Sarrantonio's Color: History and Practice graduate topics class where we explore how color has been perceived and functioned in art and culture throughout history, and how we use color in our current making process. It has been a fun and interesting class. Since it is an elective for all the MFA's, everyone that chose to take the class was already a chromophile. "That color looks so good I could eat it," is a common statement to hear in this class.

Last week I was in my studio thinking about the color class,  Anthony Cragg's color sculptures, and the Things Organized Neatly blog. I started to look around my space at what colors I look at everyday, and I shot these photos of some items from my studio - organized neatly.

To see more from this series or other photos that I've taken for my color class, check out my flikr set


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