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First Year Work

As I am getting work ready for my thesis exhibition, I was looking through work, that I made last year (2010-2011), in grad school, and decided to add some photos of that work to my website. When I came into grad school I was interested in blood cells. I was thinking a lot about how we are made up of blood, and about all we do to contain that blood in our bodies. I began thinking about bringing that blood to the outside as a visual element. The idea of blood cells spilling off of us. This was the last piece I made right before grad school.

Then when arriving at New Paltz we had 10 days to make 10 pieces, so continuing my thinking about blood cells, but moving into also thinking about the vascular system, I created this ring and this brooch. 

These explorations in my first year, later transitioned into a broader thinking about systems, which inspired my thesis work. You can see more of the pieces that I made last year on my website

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Posters Are Up

And my name is on them, so it looks like I'll be graduating soon.

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Persen: Place & Things – The Catalog

Previously I wrote about an installation of work that the MFA at New Paltz created in response to the Persen House in Kingston, NY. Well, the catalog of the installation is finally finished and available online for purchase. Hyun and myself did the all design work on the catalog, and I'm super happy to see all of our efforts finally completed.

You can preview/purchase the catalog at Lulu.com.

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This is a cute short stop-motion animation film by Juan Pablo Zaramella. A sweet little thing to watch on a Monday morning. 

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Parts Bin

I've realized that I now have a "parts bin" at my bench. Full of test parts, and parts that are intended for future pieces.

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SNAG Pin Exchange

I just came across this photo the other day. This is a shot of the pins that I made last year for the SNAG pin exchange. They were plastic animal/nun/baby mash-ups. I think my favorites are probably the baby chickens.

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System R3529

Here is the original image that I used for the front of my postcard.

 System R3529, Sterling Silver, Copper, Steel and Graphite, 2012

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Show Cards

My cards came in today for the MFA thesis exhibition, and I'm pretty excited about them.