MFA Thesis Exhibition

Well, I am officially done with school. I moved out of New Paltz last week and am recovering at my parents' house in DC for a few days before I start my cross-country move back to Seattle.

Here are a couple of images from my thesis show: Solipsistic Apparatus. 

This work explores systems, both man-made and within the human body. I am interested in the similarities, and the intersection between the two. I have been exploring these concepts through material investigations and the creation of wearable jewelry. There is a record of the passage of time visible in bodies and the built environment, through deterioration, repairs and additions to structures. These works endeavor to construct their own system, visually creating a link between the built and the bodily, as an attempt to symbolize our corporeal existence. Through wearing, the jewelry is activated, creating parallels with the body while also working incongruously with the body – encircling it but not intersecting it.

Photos of installation taken by Keith Ferris.

You can see more images on my website and flickr.


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