In the last two semesters I have been exploring systems, both man-made and within the human body. I am interested in the similarities between architecture and the body and the interaction between the two. Buildings become an extension of us. They are also symbols of our fragility. We need them for protection; at the same time their increasing size stands as a signifier of human capabilities. Buildings are also the legacy of the architects who created them – a way of affecting the future beyond the limitations of the architect’s lifetime.

There is also the record of the passage of time visible in the built environment through deterioration, repairs and additions to structures. These repairs and additions are usually not considered as the architect would have, but instead are in response to other’s current needs and limitations, and often create a disconnect between the original structure and the band-aid solution. However, these changes to the structures act as markers of time and the generations that tended to the building.

Here are some of the pieces that I created this year:

Necklace - Enamel, Copper, Sterling Silver, Steel - 2011
Bracelet - Copper, Enamel Paint - 2011

Necklace - Enamel, Copper, Steel - 2011

Pendan - Enamel, Copper, Steel - 2011


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