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New Studio

Stephanie Tomczak  and I have been looking for a studio space to share, since I got back in Seattle, and we finally found one. We share the building with two painters and a maritime IT guy. Today I finished unpacking my things and feel pretty good about the space. The room is fairly big and we've split it down the middle. The floor is concrete, so not exactly level. Our space has a wooden platform/stage in it to make the floor level. I've set up my studio area on the stage, and my office area on the concrete floor. I picked up the old metal desk and the lockers from a surplus warehouse.

I have out the wooden levels and my plumb bobs that I made for the Persen House exhibition. It seemed pretty fitting since most things aren't quite level in this space either.

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I can't wait to see this movie, partially because it was made right down the road from me (well 3 hours down the road) and that someone I know worked on this movie. The incredible metalsmith Miel Paredes creates armatures for LAIKA, and this video really highlights how LAIKA uses traditional craft methods to create fantastic stop-motion animated movies, and I love a miniature.

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Just Funny

Being from Richmond, VA, I was pretty excited to see this. I love how serious his delivery is.

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MiniLook Kiev from threeshot on Vimeo.


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Hello Again

I've been out of contact as I was finishing up my graduate school work, packing to move cross-country, moving cross-country, and trying to settle back in in Seattle. Also three days after I arrived in Seattle I started teaching summer session at North Seattle Community College, which has been great and my students are super awesome. I may have missed teaching those Seattleites – a city of over-achievers.

I've uploaded photos of our cross-country drive to my flickr, so check em out.

Here is the route that we took:

Today I came across Design Bird blog, a Swedish designer blogging about, you guessed it, design. But, I was super excited when I came across this post about her love of things copper. It was so nice to see a designer appreciate the often undervalued metal (well outside of rain gutters and plumbing). I especially liked this sexy copper bicycle (from Olsthoorn Bicycles) that she has in her post. 

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MFA Thesis Exhibition

Well, I am officially done with school. I moved out of New Paltz last week and am recovering at my parents' house in DC for a few days before I start my cross-country move back to Seattle.

Here are a couple of images from my thesis show: Solipsistic Apparatus. 

This work explores systems, both man-made and within the human body. I am interested in the similarities, and the intersection between the two. I have been exploring these concepts through material investigations and the creation of wearable jewelry. There is a record of the passage of time visible in bodies and the built environment, through deterioration, repairs and additions to structures. These works endeavor to construct their own system, visually creating a link between the built and the bodily, as an attempt to symbolize our corporeal existence. Through wearing, the jewelry is activated, creating parallels with the body while also working incongruously with the body – encircling it but not intersecting it.

Photos of installation taken by Keith Ferris.

You can see more images on my website and flickr.

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Silver & Light

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter on Vimeo.